Photography obsessed!

Unknown I am an avid photo taker. No matter where I go I always take my camera with me. I have gotten some amazing and unexpected shots which have only encouraged me in continuing to carry my camera with me at ALL times. It isn’t unusual for me to take 600 photos in a couple of hours. I can understand how my 9 year old finds my wanting to take his photo continuously annoying. However, when I find my own dogs and cats turning away and hiding as soon as they see me holding the camera, I know I am obsessed.

I have to admit my obsession came about 3 years ago when my partner bought me a wonderful camera. The crispness of the photos and the ease at which I could take many frames at one time can’t be explained any better than to say, “AWESOME!” However, sadly my camera has not been able to keep up with me. After taking it with me everywhere in all kinds of weather conditions it has decided to revolt. Not always when I press the button to capture that image will my camera cooperate. I have to admit it is frustrating to spend a lot of money on something and then have it fail you only after a short time. As a child these items lasted 30 plus years. At any rate it is my camera for now and I will have to suck it up until I can afford another one. Till then, you may hear me in the distance saying many colorful words as I get upset I’ve missed that one perfect shot because my camera has decided to be temperamental.

You can check out my many photographs in the “Weekly Photo Challenges” on my blog. Each week there is a new theme. Enjoy and thank you for checking out my blog.

Happy photo taking!


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