Our four (and one 3) legged rescues

This photo was taken in 1998 when my partner and I started our four legged family. Missing from the above photo is the cat in the next photo. The cat above and the cat below are brothers. The cat below could never be bothered with a family photo.

So, beginning on the left was our wonderful Doobie at 7 months old. Some may think we named him after something illegal but we didn’t. His face was so cute, he reminded us of a teddy bear. The name Doobie means teddy bear in Hebrew. Carol hated Doobie at first and rightfully so. This dog would poop in the middle of the floor, go upstairs and grab a piece of her clothing to cover it. Very smart. And plus, he only chewed her things. Even so, Carol too fell in love with this little guy. He lived 16 years and I miss him still.

Next to Doobie was our lab/bassett mix named Bialy at 9 months old. She was a very odd dog. She, just like the bialy bread, was hard on the outside and soft on the inside. To say she hated Carol was an understatement. This dog would look at Carol, give her an evil eye and poop right in front of her (even though she had been outside). If I was playing with any of the other animals, Bialy would force her way to me and try to make me only pet her. This dog never seemed happy. The vet thought she had a thyroid problem but after a quick amount of time Carol and I determined she had mental problems. She was VERY stubborn and she really upset the dynamics of the other animals who all got along with each other. Bialy was not a team player. Bialy committed suicide only three months after this photo was taken. Yes, committed suicide. She climbed on top of a bookcase, chewed open a bottle of Tylenol and consumed most of the bottle. Listen, we loved her very much but it was nice to have all of the animals get along again once she was gone.

The next one in the photo is Boaz, our cat. I will get back to him. Let me move to the next dog, Elisheva. She was a lab/dachshund. When we got her I promised Carol she would settle down. See, every time you left the house even if for a second when you returned she would jump around madly excited to see you again. Elisheva did this until she was about 10 years old. In fact when we’d go to the vet she believed all of the people and animals were there to see her. This dog would cry with excitement wanting to meet everyone there. The best part was on several occasions we had to take her to the vet because she had wagged her tail so much so, she sprained it. Those few times were the only times she was a little reserved. Elisheva started getting seizures when she was 4 but with medication she did fine until she was 13. We were at the dog park where she LOVED to run a mile a minute. She was doing what she loved but this time as she started to make her turn on a dime (which she was amazingly and impressively good at doing) her feet slipped out from under her and she landed on her side causing the wind to be knocked out of her. It terrified me and her. After that day we noticed Elisheva started to get disoriented in our house and she’d have moments where she would stop and zone out. After seeing how her flews were drooping it was thought she may have had a stroke. One thing was sure was she was having symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Elisheva died when she was 16 and she is so missed.

Now to Boaz (the cat above. Name means strength in Hebrew) and his brother, Shai (the cat below. Name means gift in Hebrew). What a pair they were. Shai was the leader of all of the animals. He called the shots and the others followed. Shai loved a nice warm lap and he especially loved sitting in the bathtub after one of us had showered. As long as Shai was around we had animal harmony. When Shai, Boaz, Elisheva and Doobie were 6 years old a friend rescued two kittens which we adopted. Our friends named them Winnie and Pooh. Shai acted as if he hated them but we often caught him snuggling with them. Shai was our first baby to go. At 10 we noticed he was having trouble breathing. We were devastated to find out he had congestive heart failure and it was too late. But, not only were we upset but so were our other animals. It was total chaos in our house after we lost Shai. The animals had lost their leader in a weird way. Boaz on the other hand never realized he was a cat as you can see from the photo above. He often came with us to blessing of the animals and he enjoyed meeting all of the other dogs. 🙂 Once he fell in love with a goat. Boaz kept wanting to rub on him and was clueless with the goat was trying to buck him. Listen, Boaz means strength, not smart. The best and most humorous about Boaz was his love for dogs. He had a habit of wondering into someone’s back yard and inviting himself into their home even when those people had a dog. I think the dogs were so taken aback by Boaz’s forwardness, they never tried to hurt him. And Boaz often got many treats at those homes too which was always a perk for him. I’m happy to say at 16 years old Boaz is still with us. He’s grayer and moving slower but he is the same Boaz. Many months after losing Elisheva and Doobie we rescued a kitten who had one leg amputated. She was so small when we got her. We named her Ruthie. We also rescued two new dogs. One was a 3 month old puppy dachshund and the other was his mom. We named the puppy, Moses, and the mom, Bessie.

Needless to say, Boaz being old no longer had he patience for the rowdiness the puppy brought to the house. So in Boaz fashion he adopted our neighbor and hangs out over there most of the time. They are wonderful neighbors who give Boaz lots of loving. Boaz will come over to visit to check on us but as soon as our new puppy wants to say hello, Boaz goes back over to the comforts and quiet of next door.



and Pooh

Old man, Doobie

old lady, Elisheva

old man, Boaz

Boaz in a compromising position.


Fat Pooh (as he’s become).

Boaz and Elisheva at a young 10 years old

Boaz at 14 years old after trying to have his way with a bird.

Elisheva getting a massage from Winnie.

Elisheva towards the end of her life. She never needed a sweater until she got old.

Mr. Doobie


Doobie after Elisheva died. He missed her.


Doobie and Elisheva. What a great pair!

I forgot to mention Doobie LOVED getting into the trash. This was after one of those times. He had to sleep this way because he had a stomach ache after eating too much. Go figure.

Shai- he hated taking photos.

Happy Doobie


And so begins our new generation:


Ms. Ruthie taking a nap


Ruthie lounging in the sun.


Baby Moses and Ruthie. These two are hysterical as they love playing with each other.


Baby Moses and Mama Bessie. Moses had been with us for 4 weeks before we got his mom. This was the first day we had her. Moses was ecstatic to have her.


Moses and Bessie playing.


Boaz checking out Bessie.

IMG_6905 copy

Boaz not appreciating a kiss from Mo.


Bessie expression.


I promise you Bessie was no harmed in this photo after being sat on by Pooh.


Proof as Bess and Pooh hang out on the top of the couch.


Moses enjoying a Winnie massage.


Bess and Pooh with Mo in the background.


4 responses to “Our four (and one 3) legged rescues

  1. Amy

    January 26, 2013 at 2:12 pm

    Oh my gosh – great photos! Love these critters 🙂

  2. bashert04

    February 3, 2013 at 8:04 am

    Thanks. They are special to me. 🙂

  3. halfcnote

    October 4, 2013 at 8:35 pm

    Poor ol’ Doobs – so lost without the E-girl. We had no clue he was stone deaf, she had been leading him around those last years!

    • bashert04

      October 4, 2013 at 9:07 pm

      Yeah and was a team…her brain was gone and he was deaf. OY!


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