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I put together a design for my son’s invitations for his birthday party. I simply used an assortment of clip art and looked at others on line for ideas. Feel free to use mine. By the way instead of snail mail I just e-mailed these to my son’s parents.

We live in a town home that totals 1100 square feet. Aside from that our son’s birthday is during the hottest time of the summer. So, we always have to be creative when coming up with ways to celebrate his birthday. We limited the number of kids to just 5. This year for his 9th birthday he wanted to do a rock star party. I had grander plans in mind but we were so busy leading up to the party. This is what we did.We bought inflatable instruments for the party, so we just used a few of them for our outside decorations. The sign on the door (and the inflatables) I ordered from a party place on line. I shopped around to look for the cheapest. Now, the sign can easily be made with butcher paper and markers and for that matter so can the instruments. I saw a design made from cardboard. I’m glad I had ordered the sign for the door only because it had rained off and on before the party and it being plastic, it held up well. And now my son has it on his bedroom door for decoration.

On the inside of our place we put up another banner I had ordered on line. It too was on sale and wasn’t very expensive at all. But, again this stuff can be made by using butcher paper. We used a couple more of the inflatable instruments to decorate and we sort of made our own disco ball. We bought a packet of those round Asian type lantern balls and placed tinsel around it. Our son found a necklace at our local party place that had a light up star on it which he hung on the disco ball and then wore during the party.

Diningroom decorations:

I saw on another site where instead of making a cake I could make cupcakes in a cone and have them look like microphones. Well, mine didn’t come out so grand but they were fine. I will attach photos of the ones I saw which did look more like microphones.

As the kids came inside we had an assortment of inflatable instruments for them to choose. When the party was over they each got to take several home as a party favor along with a pair of sunglasses, a microphone and a couple of glow stick bracelets.

We also offered fake tattoos.

PARTY ACTIVITIES: Here was the best part for the kids. We simply used our computer to pull up the kid’s requested song (with the lyrics) onto youtube. Our computer can video tape them at the same time which was what we did while the kids “Rocked Out” to the song. We had a cheap little karaoke machine that one person could sing into and it amplified their voice but it really wasn’t necessary to have. The kids had a blast just jumping around pretending they were in a band.

The kids had a blast doing this for an hour! I was shocked and was really nervous they’d need activities. After they did this, we had lunch and then the kids went swimming in our town home community pool for 40 minutes. Then it was time to sing happy birthday, eat cake and open presents. By that point the parents were arriving to pick up their kids. It was really great.




Weekly Photo Challenge- Merge


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Weekly Photo Challenge- Wrong

Two flowers-one stem.

A tornado!

Tornado moving closer!

WAR: Solves nothing


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Gays to the recession rescue!

OK, so I think the gay community has it ALL wrong in the way they are trying to get gay marriage legalized. The approach they have been taking clearly isn’t working. The response we saw with Chick-fil-a’s customer appreciation day made that loud and clear. I feel it’s time for a new approach and one that better “sells” same-sex marriage. Y’all know the phrase, “Work smarter, not harder?” Well in my approach it wouldn’t be necessary to convince the masses or to even deal with them. My approach goes straight (no pun) to those in positions of political power and to use a language that makes them listen. And I feel now is the perfect time to make that pitch. In other words I have this crazy idea.

I bet you are wondering what in the hell is the special language that makes those political officials listen. Can you guess? Well, I’ll tell you. It’s the language of the almighty dollar. That’s it. Ok, you got me. There is a twist. I feel if we show in dollars how much money gay marriage could bring to the states and show how that can help  considerably during these hard times we’d have a better chance of getting it passed. But now is the time as people are at rock bottom and are placing more importance to get back on their feet rather than to discriminate. As I mentioned this idea isn’t about convincing the masses but if the idea helps to do so, then it’s a perk.

Since I live in the state of Georgia in the USA I am going to use my state to make my point. The numbers are guestimations and are not exact. However, it will show you how my idea could work.

Before I begin though I want to say that I feel the marriage license fee needs to increase. I’m suggesting $200.

Alright there are about 10 million people who live in Georgia. It is said one in every ten are gay or lesbian. That would guestimate approximately 100,000 gays and lesbians in the state. However, some of those are kids or other so lets take that number down to 75,000. But, I am sure not EVERY gay and lesbian is going to marry for one reason or another which is why I am reducing the total number of gay couples ( who would marry) to 60,000. If you divide that by two that makes 30,000 couples. Now if we multiply 30,000 couples by the marriage license fee that would make a $6,000,000.00 income at one time (as there would be a rush) in the state of Georgia alone.

The states with lower numbers of gays and lesbians obviously wouldn’t be impacted as much.  Usually though those are the states who had high rates of discrimination which created a lower gay and lesbian population.  Here’s where it could get interesting though (because greed usually wins.) The States who are in desperate need of the extra income would begin to offer incentives to gay couples to come to their state to live. “The gays” could look at those offers as reparations for the discrimination they endured over the years. Who knows what else could come out of it. It seems to be a win win for both the gay community and to our communities at large. There is a “prize” for everyone. Who could refuse?

Listen, I know it isn’t fair to have to “sell” gay marriage in this way. Believe me, I understand. But, I am an opportunist which means I am a full believer in using any and all opportunities like getting something so outlandish as gay marriage passed. This is how I see it during bad economic times. When the masses are downtrodden they are more easily sueded for the hope of a better life.  Then you have the politicians who feel the pressure from the people so they are more apt to listen to more unconventional ways to help their constituents.

Sounds crazy? I know but hell, it’s worth a shot. It’s not as if other methods have worked, right? Crazy as it may sound you just never know. After all it could work. We certainly wouldn’t be any worse off. If only I knew a politician to whom I could make this pitch.

Oh, how I humor myself. I’m such a dreamer.


Weekly Photo Challenge- Growth


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I have always enjoyed Chic-fil-a but I will no longer be a patron. When a business makes their living off a diverse array of customers I feel it’s hurtful to speak negatively against any of them. To me that’s not only bad business but disrespectful. What if this company made a public statement saying they didn’t recognize interracial marriage? It was only a few years ago that it was still illegal in several Southern states. What if the CEO announced that anyone who didn’t believe in Jesus Christ as their savior would go to hell? In both cases there would have been a HUGE backlash (as there should be). The company admitting their Christian foundations is fine but I think they are taking it too far. Basically, if you can’t say something nice, it’s best to say nothing at all.

Having said that I do blame my own community. Until we, the gay community, begins taking an overwhelming stance against this (as the blacks did with Martin Luther King, Jr. during the days of segregation) then I’m afraid this type of discrimination will continue. As a result these types of companies will only be praised by many (or many will remain neutral) which won’t make change happen. If my community isn’t willing to step up to the plate then why should others do it for us? “If I am not for myself, then who will be for me?”
After a young person I knew committed suicide because he saw his life as a gay man hopeless and unworthy of living I became committed to living my life openly and honestly. And I lost two jobs because of it. But, if my example saved one life, it was all worth it. Do I “wear my gayness on my sleeve”? Hell yes! And accompanied with my gayness I also wear my Jew-ness in the same manner. It is who I am. I live my life no differently than any other person who is happy with who they are. I live for the day where others like my family will do the same so that we may unite in a more conducive and constructive manner so that no company or government can discriminate and be allowed to take my rights away.

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