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Weekly Photo Challenge- Hope


Perfect for this week’s challenge. This is an actual town! I grew up near here and a friend from school actually lived there. However, never knowing its history I recently looked it up to see how it got’s its unique name. 

This is what I found from an article about HOPEULIKIT. Enjoy!

Georgia’s 21st county was named for Archibald Bulloch, who presided over the Provincial Congress of July 4, 1775, before becoming Georgia’s first Provincial Governor in 1776. In addition to the county’s four incorporated municipalities, a number of unincorporated communities like Nevils, Stilson, and Clito provide a glimpse into the county’s history. One of the most interesting community names in Georgia is the Bulloch County community of Hopeulikit.

84-year old Beatrice Ellis is the lady to ask about the town name. She and her husband John Paul own the approximately 800 acres this community with the funny name sits upon. Ellis says it got its name from a dance hall that used to sit right off Highway 80.

“I could sit on the porch and listen to the bands playing down here,” said Ellis. “They had good music. Bands from everywhere. It had a stage built for the bands to sit up there and play, and the hardwood floors, oh, they were so pretty.”

She says ladies and men would dress in their best attire and dance the night away. That was back in the 20s and 30s.

It’s no longer there.


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Doobie becomes “Shit Dog”

Elisheva and Doobie were inseparable from the moment we brought Doobie home. It was always fun watching them play together. They would play tag with each other and while doing so would make the funniest noises. My favorite was watching them play tug of war with one of their dog toys. They each would have an end. They’d stare at each other all while trying to intimidate the other one to let go first. Often Doobie would get impatient so he’d try to cheat in some way. Once he grabbed most of the toy only leaving Elisheva a small corner to grab. With her not being able to grab enough of it, Doobie easily pulled it away gloating the entire time. He would have been that child we’ve all met who brags about winning and makes the other person feel bad. Yep, Doobie liked to win.

There was another personality trait  he had that was not so becoming and it became a “little” problem in our house. Um, how do I say this? Doobie had slight problems with understanding what was his. What was once Elisheva’s beloved stuffed banana Doobie claimed it. And not only did he take it but he eventually destroyed it by shredding it to pieces. Even when we bought her another one it could never replace the one Doobie destroyed. But, that was not the only thing Doobie would take and destroy. Oh no not at all. Let’s just say he had a special love for Carol and her belongings.  Some of his favorites were the leather backs to Carol’s hats, the backs of her leather shoes, her leather book bags and most of all the straps of her bras. He never touched one thing of mine which infuriated Carol. I have to admit it was as if he sought out Carol’s belongings. In fact it became routine for Carol and I to come home to find Doobie shaking in the corner all while looking at us with his pitiful eyes. It didn’t take long to figure out that meant  another belonging of Carol’s had bit the dust. And each time Carol would search for the item, find it and then yell at Doobie all while holding her destroyed belonging. It was at this time Carol began calling him, “You little shit dog.” Carol and I had many fights because of the things Doobie destroyed. I felt the solution was simple. Put all things away and out of reach of the dog. Carol felt the dog should know not to do it. And so, time and time again we’d come home, and when I’d see him in the corner, I knew what was to come next. I just knew as Doobie matured he’d change and he’d stop chewing. Well, that did happen but not in the manner I had expected.

For instance I’ll never forget the one afternoon Carol and I came home from the store to find Doobie in his usual scared position in the corner. However, this time there wasn’t a chewed item to be found. We couldn’t figure it out. He had clearly done something wrong because he had put himself in the corner but what did he do? As we brought our groceries inside from the car, we noticed a pair of Carol’s underwear lying in the middle of the floor. We both thought it was odd but we were focused on putting our groceries away. As we each made a run to the car to get another handful of groceries, we clearly could smell something bad as we walked back into the house. But, we chucked it off to it being the liter box which we’d take care of after finishing with the groceries. But, not able to handle the stench any longer Carol asked me to finish putting up the groceries while she cleaned the cat potty aka liter box. After I was done and just as I went into the living room to sit, Carol came out of where the cat potty was. She had a baffled look on her face. She told me the smell was not coming from there. She looked over at Doobie, pointed at him and said, “I bet it is you, you little shit dog.” Of course in Doobie fashion he just looked at her with his big adorable brown eyes and wrinkled forehead and began shaking to help add a heightened level of “Awwwwww” factor.  But, as much as he tried not even his cuteness could be used to get past Carol.

As I sat watching TV Carol went upstairs to search for whatever was attached to that odor. I could hear her get angrier and angrier as she knew “the little shit dog” had done something. But when she couldn’t find it she came back downstairs. Just as she came downstairs she commented she must have been wrong and maybe “Little shit dog” didn’t do anything. Just as those words came out of her mouth, then IT happened! Oy!  IT wasn’t good. Carol was walking across our living room floor barefooted when she stepped on her underwear. At the very moment she stepped on her underwear, she screamed horrible obscenities which I won’t share and began jumping on one foot. I thought she had hurt herself. I tried to calm her down to find out what was wrong. Only then did I realize she wasn’t hurt at all but she was actually angry. While standing on one foot and pointing to the floor she screamed, “The shit dog  shit on our floor and then got a piece of MY clothing to cover it up AND I fucking stepped in it! As what she said registered, I wanted to fall to the floor with laughter. But, I knew it wasn’t the time. I also wanted to voice how clever I thought it was of Doobie but that wasn’t the time either. Carol was mad…I mean really, really mad. OK, she was down right pissed off.

Listen, I’ll admit Doobie was not doing a good job of winning Carol over. Eating her possessions and using her clothing to cover up his messes wasn’t the way to do it by any means. But, funny enough, he didn’t seem to care. After all he just had to look at me with his pitiful big brown eyes and whatever he did was all erased. This didn’t bode well for me and Carol but it served Doobie perfectly as he spent the next 14 years using it, I mean using me to his advantage.

Once Doobie joined the family life was no longer boring. As you will see he brought lots of “excitement” to our daily lives.


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My four legged friend

Well, when I’m upset about a loss I’ve had, I do what helps; write.

Yesterday, we had to put my precious Chihuahua/terrier mix, Doobie, to sleep. It’s weird because as upset as I was for losing Elisheva last Spring, I had the comfort in that we still had Doobie. That comfort wouldn’t last long. A week after losing Elisheva we discovered Doobie had bladder cancer. Even though I knew our days with him were numbered I didn’t even want to think about losing him too. I promised myself that I would not let Doobie suffer and once his condition came to that point I’d make the decision to let him go. But, when I made that promise his condition was not imminent, so sure it was easy to be so confident about that decision. It was when the day finally arrived and Doobie’s quality of life had dramatically diminished that I hated having to make the decision. I could see Doobie was different and not in a good way. He was refusing  food, seemed lethargic and when I let him out to go potty, he’d go right outside the door not making it to his favorite grassy spot.  In my heart I knew it was time. As I went to bed that night I asked my mom to help me with my decision. I asked to be given a sign the next morning assuring me I was making the right decision to let Doobie go.

The next morning when I woke up I looked over at Doobie’s bed expecting to see him there. He wasn’t. It was the 4th night he didn’t come upstairs. That wasn’t like him at all. He hated to be in separate rooms from me and would have never slept alone. I went downstairs to look for him. He was sitting in his bed and looking very confused. I could see he didn’t even know he was peeing in it. He seemed even more confused when I started our usual morning routine. The clincher was when I placed his breakfast down in front of him. Instead of dancing around with excitement to eat he sat down just looked at me. I tried to rattle the bowl to get him interested in eating but he lied down in front of his bowl instead. My heart sank. I made up excuses in my head as to why he didn’t want to eat even though I knew the real reason. That dog NEVER in all of his 14  years turned up his nose to food. It was his purpose in life and one of his many joys.  Hell, food was his middle name. And here he was sadly lying in front of his bowl not wanting to eat. I put my finger in his bowl and stirred his food around. Only then did he sniff it and slowly take a few kernels at a time. Another thing Doobie NEVER did was to eat his food slowly. Most of the time he swallowed the kernels whole so he could finish before he felt someone would take it away. And now he slowly chewed each kernel. I cried. It was time.

It was hard to believe the dog that was lying in front of his food bowl looking so sad and tired was once an exuberant and witty fellow. Some of the messes he got himself into created many hours of fights between me and Carol. And some of the messes he created gave us many wonderful hours of laughter and a lifetime of outrageous stories to tell. And so, that’s what I want to do. I want to share those crazy Doobie moments as that is the way I want to remember my precious Teddy bear.

Bringing home Doobie

It was February 1999 when my partner and I decided to get a companion for our lab/ dachshund mix, Elisheva. She was the funniest mix of the two breeds. She had beautiful black hair and the whitest teeth I have ever seen.  Elisheva was unique in her own way. She was highly excitable and it never took much to get her rowelled up. So, needless to say it was challenging to find her a companion that was compatible. Lord knew we didn’t want another dog as energetic. We introduced Elisheva to many different dogs. We met older ones, younger ones, smaller ones but she ignored all of them. We almost gave up and began to think she was going to be an only dog.

One afternoon while at a local shopping area we walked past a vets office where there was a sign on their window that advertised an eight month old terrier mix needing a home. The dog had been hit by a car but was doing fine. My partner, Carol, suggested we go in and ask about him. We were very interested in adopting him but we had to see if Elisheva approved. I was keeping my finger’s crossed and starred they’d like each other.

The day we brought Elisheva to meet her possible new brother, we were nervous. Would she like him? When the lady came to the lobby with the terrier mix, I was in love at first site. He was absolutely adorable. He had the biggest smile and the cutest Teddy bear eyes. His reddish hair and the wrinkles on his forehead made his cuteness fully complete. So, we loved him but what about Elisheva? As he was running around the lobby with the biggest smile he ran straight up to Elisheva and put his front paw on her back as if to say, “We’re buddies.” Elisheva didn’t even hesitate to tell the new dog how she felt about him. She smiled too (showing off her bright whites) and greeted him with exact same exuberance and excitement. Baruch Hashem! It was a match!

The day we picked up this dog who reminded us of a teddy bear, I was so excited. Elisheva was too. His given Humane Society name was “Scoobie” but that did not fit. We had two cats- one named Boaz and the other named Shai and of course there was Elisheva. We wanted our new family member to have an Israeli name to better fit with our managarie. Since we said he reminded us of a Teddy bear, Carol loved the idea of calling him the Hebrew name of that which was Doobie. I liked it but I also thought he looked like a Levi. Carol wanted a name that was similar to Scoobie to make it easier for him to transition. So, like any person would do, I left it up to my Fifth grade Hebrew school students to decide with a vote. It was unanimous. They loved Teddy bear and so Doobie became his name.

Little did we know at that time of the many “adventures” Doobie would bring to our family. His amazingly smart and witty ways brought me much laughter and often at the expense of my loving partner. Sorry, babe but you do have to admit Doobie was very clever.

Through out the years I have shared numerous funny Doobie stories but I’ve never put them all together. I want to do that now because those are the memories I want to keep and hold close.  I do hope they make you laugh, cry and see that it is certainly better than “Cats”. Get it? You know, cats and dogs? Oh, I humor myself. At any rate I hope you enjoy.

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Weekly Photo Challenge- Simple

sim·ple/ˈsimpəl/- Adjective: Easily understood or done; presenting no difficulty.


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Weekly Photo Challenge- Peaceful


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Weekly Photo Challenge- Launch


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